Get a Dose of History at William & Mary

Hey transfers, hope you guys are doing well! For everyone who is transferring 2018 spring, good luck. You made it all the way to this step and you will do a great job. The admission office cannot wait to read your application!

This week I’d like to talk with you guys about the history subject. There is no better place to study history than William & Mary. Nowadays we are constantly buffed by the myth that a history degree is pointless, useless and leads to a bleak career choice in the future. This is simply not the truth.

History is useful. We all know that understanding the present requires knowing the past. History teaches you to think critically, read efficiently and write eloquently; these are skills that are transferable no matter what you end up doing in the future and employers are actively seeking students studying history. A recent study conducted by AHA (American Historical Association) proved the employment rate for history majors indeed outweighs the national average employment rate for college graduates by more than 3 percent. It’s an excellent preparation for careers in many fields, including law, journalism, business and finance, education, politics and public policy, social activism, and the arts.

History is engaging and cutting-edge. College-level history is nothing like history you learned in high school or middle school. There is minimal memorization of “dead facts or timeline” but more on teaching you how to examine the past through cultural, social and political lenses. Professors at W&M are awesome in that they turn their lectures into one intriguing story after another. Recent research in history had totally changed how people view the past and it’s an evolving field that is constantly being challenged and refreshed.

With all that being said, there are also tons of opportunities to get involved in the history department. You are encouraged to submit a paper at the James Blair History review, to participate in events organized by Phi Alpha Theta history honor society throughout the year and to explore Colonial Williamsburg, the biggest living museum. History is everywhere, what you need to do is to put yourself into it and enjoy.

Give yourself a dose of history at the nation’s Alma Mater. Take a history class if you haven’t done so. You will appreciate how history opens a window for you in the best and brightest way possible!

-Alfred Ouyang ’18


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