Fall in Williamsburg

Hi everyone!

This week has been pretty busy catching up after homecoming weekend, which was tons of fun! It was so much fun to see all the school spirit from both current students and alumni. Even though this weekend brought sunny, 75 degree weather, it is starting to officially feel like fall. Since I come from New England, fall here felt a little bit different last year than usual. It is warmer, the trees turn colors later, and no one is bracing themselves for a frigid winter. I wanted to tell you all about my favorite things I did last fall that made me feel even more at home.

College Run Farms has pumpkin picking and isn’t that far from campus. I went last year for their pumpkin ice cream with some friends and had the best time. If you have a car on campus and don’t mind a little drive, Carter Mountain Orchard is in Charlottesville and gives the classic New England apple orchard feel. Those were two of my favorite trips last year, but I also enjoy weekly trips to the farmers market in Colonial Williamsburg as well as the apple cider stand in CW. As classes ramp up and midterms take up a lot of your time, it is great that there are so many things here to do to get your mind off of the stress and work!


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