Fall (?) Break!

Hey everyone!

This time of year can be a little rough with midterms and everyone getting sick, but Fall Break is just around the corner (at least it is for us…I’m sure some of you have already had/will have yours within the next few weeks)! Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the changing leaves, the longer nights, and the excuse to wear a sweatshirt at all times. This fall hasn’t been ideal for ANY of those things since it still feels like summer and trust me, I’m very upset about it, but I’m still happy its October nonetheless. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Fall Break!

The awesome thing about being a transfer is that you essentially get two schools! This weekend I’m going to visit my old school to see my friends and spend the weekend with them since W&M doesn’t have class Monday or Tuesday! I am so excited and definitely ready for a break from this especially tiring midterm season I’ve been having.

Now that you know my plans for the weekend, I wanted to share some tips and tricks for how to get to your different break destinations, be it another school, home, or even the airport! Firstly, once you become a member of the Tribe you immediately want to join the Tribe Rides Facebook page. This is an awesome page where you can post about needing or having a ride to or from pretty much anywhere! If you have a car and want some help with gas money or even just a companion for your ride, post on Tribe Rides! If you are looking for a ride home, to the airport, to another school, etc., post on Tribe Rides! Also, since you haven’t transferred just yet, a lot of other schools also have very similar pages so definitely check those out. Maybe come visit William & Mary for a weekend, I know we’d love to have you!

Whether you’re staying on campus, going home, or visiting some friends for break, I hope you have an awesome time!

Until next time,
Joey Cronin ’20

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