A Senior’s Reflection

As my last fall semester at William & Mary draws to a close, I’m starting to accept the reality that I’m almost a second semester senior, I’m graduating in 6 months, and I’ll be moving to DC to start work in August. I am happy to have had made so many amazing memories, grateful for all the wonderful people I have met, sad that I will be leaving soon, and lucky to have had been – and always be – a member of the Tribe.

At W&M, you have the opportunity to find a home and form communities. For me, I feel especially at home with my freshman hallmates. We survived our freshman year in Dinwiddie Hall, and we are still really close as seniors. Yesterday, we came together for a Friendsgiving. As we went around and said what we were thankful for, we were all grateful that W&M gave us the opportunity to form friendships with one another. When I transferred to W&M in the middle of freshman year, I was nervous and scared. My freshman hallmates welcomed me, but more than that, they automatically embraced me. Even when I spent a year away from W&M to take an internship in New York and then study abroad in Vienna, they welcomed me back when I returned. I am forever grateful to have this amazing community of people that appreciate our collective weirdness, embrace our individuality, provide endless support, and constantly challenge one another.

I have said this many times before, but W&M is a special place and I am so happy that I chose to take a risk and transfer here. The ups and downs have all been worth it because of the memories made and friendships formed that will last a lifetime. Take advantage of your time at W&M – as a nostalgic senior, I can say it will go by way more quickly than you could have ever expected.

-Sarah Boegner ’17

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