The Spot

I know that I just blogged about night life in Williamsburg, but there is a new development that is too good to not blog about.

Kelley somehow heard about a new establishment in the city that advertises itself as being a hookah lounge called The Spot. It also has a night club feel, which is pretty unheard of in this area. In fact, the only previous night club attempt did not last very long. This other club was gloriously named Carpe PM (I love puns).

A group of us interns decided to “hit The Spot” if you will on Friday night to experience it for the first time. The Spot is located off of Bypass Road–a really short drive from campus. When we walked through the door and entered the “club”, I noticed that it actually looked really nice on the inside. There is a really large bar, pool tables and darts off to the right, and a dance floor with more seating in a room on the left.. There’s even a back room with six or so La-Z Boy chairs all pointed at a TV.

Even though we were probably the only ones there under 27 and even though the music was a bit unpredictable and played through a random iPod, I really do think this “spot” has a lot of potential. If William & Mary students band together and frequent this place, it could become a regular college hangout and give students of age another option in addition to fraternity dance parties and the deli’s. We’ll see if it catches on in the fall. I know that I’m definitely going

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