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Nine Down, Seven Across for Planetary Geology

Meara Carlin ’23 There is an interesting grey area when dealing with planetary geology. The first thing someone usually thinks of when geology is

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Geological Research at Crozet’s Blue Ridge Tunnel

By Katie Lang ’18 A new trail has opened in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains — in late November, after years of work, Nelson County

Endings and Beginnings

William & Mary’s class of 2015 has graduated. On Sunday morning the Geology department held its graduation reception, and the mood was suitably festive

The Saddest Affair: A Geologic Perspective on the Battle of the Crater, U.S. Civil War

One hundred and fifty years ago this week a terrible and pernicious battle was fought at Petersburg, Virginia during the American Civil War. In

Summer Research: Stories from the Microscope

The Buckmarlson Banshees have spent much of the past seven weeks in the field working to understand the geology of the eastern Blue Ridge

Summer Research: Introducing the Buckmarlson Banshees

Try to find Buckmarlson on a map and you won’t have much luck.  It’s the newly created place name for our field area in

Summer Research: The Gravity of the Situation

I’ve just returned to Williamsburg after a month of field research in Utah at Fish Lake and the High Plateaus.  I journeyed to Utah

Living the Dream: Back to Alberene

Remember the Alberene Dream Team from the summer of 2011?  This talented group of undergraduates poured themselves into research projects aimed at understanding the

When Mountains Move

My first post as a W&M blogger came after our Utah field season during the summer of 2008.  Indeed, we lived the high life