Cheering for the home team

Florian, Me, Alex, Robin and Cody at the game!

It’s hard to believe that we have only one week of class left!  Spring has arrived-the weather is beautiful and warm and the cherry blossoms have bloomed. In celebration of the warmer weather, the William and Mary in Washington program went to a Nationals’ baseball game.  It turned out that we went on Thomas Jefferson’s 268th birthday.  The third U.S. president was an alum of William and Mary.  What a coincidence that we were at the game?!

It was nice to end a workday watching the Nationals play the

The team celebrated TJ's birthday!

Phillies (I am pretty sure there were more Phillies fans than Nats fans). Although the Nationals lost 3-2, it was still a great night – the weather was perfect for a nighttime baseball game and we enjoyed each others’ company. It was also a night of firsts: Robin introduced me to funnel cake and Florian attended his first baseball game!

It’s sad the semester is coming to an end, but we are all grateful for the wonderful memories we have made-and there are still more to come in the final two weeks.

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