Hey there! I’m one of the interns with the Undergraduate Admission Office and a new student blogger for W&M. I thought I would use my first entry to talk about Homecoming week at W&M, and why it is arguably the best week of the year.

Every fall, the College has a Homecoming football game and along with it, a week’s worth of celebratory festivities before hand, just to get really pumped up. This year, the Tribe will take on University of Maine, which will undoubtedly be a thrilling game (that we will win, of course). But, at W&M, the Homecoming experience is much, much more than a football game. There are a ton of activities that take place during the week leading up to the game (aka Homecoming week) that are just as fun as the game itself. From Greek social events to parade float building to free concerts on campus, there seem to be about a hundred things going on in preparation (or should we call it celebration?) of Saturday’s game, and yet, there’s always that one teacher that thinks it a good idea to schedule a midterm.

By Friday, after successfully juggling schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social events for 5 days straight, you get to reward yourself with a flurry of Homecoming Weekend festivities. Friday is marked by the Homecoming parade, followed by a Pep Rally, and wrapped up with a Block Party right in the middle of Williamsburg. And then after all of that, you still have Saturday to look forward to.

Homecoming Day has tons of great events, including a cappella shows, tailgates, brunches, concerts, pig roasts, and BBQs (yes, I realize that most of them are centered around food), not to mention the actual football game. It’s even crazier than the rest of the week because alumni of all ages flood back into Williamsburg to revisit campus, watch the game, and catch up with old friends. On top of all that, the day usually ends with a free concert on campus (this year it’s Ra Ra Riot!). While it is definitely as exhausting to partake in as it probably just was for you to read about, the fact is that Homecoming is one of the most fun weeks of the school year and one of my favorite W&M traditions. It is truly a celebration of every element of the College in one single event. It incorporates current students, alumni, Greek organizations, student clubs, and of course, athletics, and in doing so, it really captures the W&M experience.  As a senior, I am a little sad to be going into this Homecoming season for the last time as a student, but am comforted by the fact that I know I’ll be coming back for years to come.

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