It’s time for finals now, and I never knew how much time and effort is really required to study at the level necessary for good performance. It is very strange how much more effort is required to study in the spring for finals than in the fall semester. I guess in the fall I was much less burnt out; I kind of thought studying for finals was interesting because I had never done it before. A right of passage, if you will, for every new college student. It was also miserable weather, where it got dark early, and was really cold outside so I didn’t have to miss the beautiful sunshine around me.

Note to self: studying outside is highly ineffectual, no matter how pretty it is.

It is weird to think about how much time has gone by since I came to William and Mary. It is also mind boggling to think about how many people have helped me get here and helped me be successful. I promise that when I am done with finals (ah! done with my freshman year!) I will properly thank them. But, as for now, I am back to reviewing important people in US-China Foreign Relations. Peter Parker (not Spiderman, unfortunately) and I are totally best friends by now.

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