Reach for the Stars

I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate song for this time of life than what my roommate is playing right now, “Reach for the Stars” by S Club 7.  A retro pick from a decade ago, but perfectly timed.  With prospects of studying abroad over the summer and meeting up with friends also abroad in Europe, the world is ours to explore.  College is definitely a time for trying new things, and what better way to try new things than in a foreign country!  The past few weeks back at school have been a whirlwind of class after class, meeting after meeting, rehearsals, office hours, labs and visits to Swem that there’s barely been any time to think about anything but the here and now.  But tomorrow is always coming soon, bringing with it the looming deadline to declare majors and summer study abroad applications.

Other than feeling incredibly optimistic about what the future holds, reflecting on the recent past proves to be gratifying as well.  In case you didn’t notice, it was nearly 70 degrees today and the Sunken Gardens looked like a beach in the middle of June.  It’s days like this that I’m glad I came down to Virginia for college rather than staying in the Northeast where there are still mountains of snow on Boston campuses.  With an awesome weekend full of cooking homemade pasta, chipotle run, strolling the farmer’s market, and brunching with amazing friends behind me, an equally exciting weekend is coming up (as well as a sure to be busy yet satisfying week).

In celebration of the beautiful weather and Valentine’s Day, enjoy these flowers!

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