Quiet Place

With all the hustle and bustle of college life, (and especially as W&M students) we hardly have any time to ourselves. Constantly on the go, running from one team meeting to rehearsal, from sports practices to work, from studying at Swem to a research lab. Between office hours and extracurriculars, who has time to just relax?

Even if it seems like there’s no time, I make it. My favorite place? The outdoors. It’s got everything I need to get away from the stress and schedules and studying:

It’s invigorating! Even nearing the balmy summer months, the Williamsburg heat takes a break in the evenings. The cool air is refreshing and energizing—perfect to get a little energy back in my step.

It’s relaxing. Regardless of where I wander to, it’s away from any immediate tasks. Everything will be waiting, ready for my attention when I get back to work, but for the moment, I can enjoy meandering around campus, strolling down DoG street.

It’s inspiring. Ever think, “When did it get so green?” “Were those flowers always there?” I find myself admiring nature’s beauty more and more as Williamsburg enters spring in full throttle. If teeny, tiny little seeds can become blossoming flowers, I’m pretty sure I can handle a marketing plan.

I want to share this beautiful spot that I found it to be invigorating, relaxing, and inspiring. Ever since, I’ve been looking for wisteria everywhere I go, and have spotted it along the Crim Dell, by the Williamsburg Library, and aways near CW. There’s a place for everyone to relax, where’s yours?

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