Concerto Italiano

Other than wearing a much too billowy skirt on an unexpectedly breezy day, today is what I would call a successful day in Firenze.  It included lots and lots of window shopping, getting ideas for gifts and where I can get them; a delicious, meaty sandwich (I often crave meat since there’s so much PASTA here); and of course getting lost (which means I got to see a part of Florence I haven’t seen yet)!  After so much shopping and walking around the outdoor markets, my apartment seemed farther away than I seemed to remember.  But now for some pictures, which I dedicate to my Wind Symphony friends…

The first is choral book on display in a chapel at Santa Croce.  It’s a beautiful church and I can only imagine the grand chorales that have been performed there.

The second is an impromptu saxophone quartet performing in a piazza for diners and passersby.

Next to that is a line of drummers during il Palio in Siena.  The parade before the actual horse race is filled with each contrada’s (township) flags and marchers dressed in medieval clothes.  It was quite a sight to see.

The second row starts with a picture of Simple Minds performing outside at Piazza della Repubblica on the fourth of July.  It was a last minute to decision to check out the Hard Rock Cafe concert, but it was fun to hang out outside.

The fifth picture is of, of course, a piano that’s tucked away in a back room at one of my new favorite restaurants in Florence.  Considering the classy piano and sophisticated atmosphere, I was surprised to hear pop music over dinner.

This next picture is one of my favorites.  It’s an entire orchestra made out of Murano glass statuettes.  Of course I checked out the flute player figurine since that is my main instrument.

I decided to include the last picture because it combines the old and new.  It’s of a music conservatory nestled in Siena.

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