marques wants an eel

Good morning!  It’s 8:45 on Monday and we already have a ridiculous story from the weekend.  Saturday morning Marques visited the Farmers Market on DoG (Duke of Gloucester) Street in CW (Colonial Williamsburg).

Now let’s paint the picture of the Farmer’s Market.  Saturday morning 8am.  Twenty some odd vendors selling the most random assortment of produce, seafood, flowers, and crafts.  The walking path of DoG street fills with white and blue tents and locals unleashing their latest catch to unsuspecting tourists and eager locals.

This morning, per usual, we came into the office and talked about our weekends.  Marques shared that he went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  The story sounded rather typical since all of us have been to the Farmer’s Market, but it suddenly took a twist.  “So I went to the Farmer’s Market and saw an eel!!”

Naturally we immediately had to google types of eels to see if Marques could buy one (he has a tank with a turtle).  Do you know how many hits come up when googling “eels as pets”?  -525,000

Next task: figure out if it was a freshwater or saltwater eel.  Marques remembered the lady saying it wasn’t a moray eel so we figured it was freshwater.  Just a guess.  No experts on eels in the office unfortunately.  Next we looked for information on freshwater eels.  The most common piece of information we found was that eels’ biggest danger domestically is an open tank.  After a process of elimination the experts in the admission office, aka the interns, mainly myself and Marques, decided he had found a Peacock Spiny Eel.

We’ll see if he purchases it-the websites also said peacock spiny eels like to be played with and held.  Marques did not seem to keen on playing with the eel though so I’m not sure he will buy it.  I’ll keep you updated.  Just look at the fun perils the burg holds!

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