Where does the time go…

Hello Again!

It has been a VERY long time since I posted on my blog and for that I apologize.  This year has been one that has flown by and I seriously don’t know where the time goes.  So I wanted to give you all some of the highlights since I last posted!

First off, starting the new year is always a new experience, but this year was just plain scary.  Starting my senior year has been one of the most exciting and the most eye opening events in my life.  I really do enjoy being the oldest students on campus, but now I need to start looking for a job.  This will be quite the adventure.  I will keep you all updated to how the search is going.  Being in Williamsburg all summer you would think that the start of school would be a little anti-climatic; it was far from that.  Seeing all of my old friends come back was great and meeting the new class of 2012 was pretty cool. We’ll teach them to be as awesome as we are…

With the election this year this was definitelty a poltical buzz on campus.  One of the biggest things to happen was when the Today Show came to visit and Beth one of the other interns and myself got to meet and talk to Matt Lauer.  That was pretty sweet.  We even offered him a tour, but he had to go to his next filming location… maybe next time.

Another interesting event from this year was taking my senior seminar.  I feel like just yesterday I was in my freshman seminar (the ironic thing is it is in the same room).  One of the more comical and interesting moments was during class when CNN called to do an interview with my professor.  How many other students can say their class was interrupted by amajor media station.

I feel like that only is skimming the surface, but with finals coming up, I’m sure I will need a way to waste time, so check by soon to see what I will talk about next.

ALSO, Congrats to the early decisions students that got in recently.  YOUR HARD WORK PAID OFF!!!  I will see the class of 2013 at homecoming NEXT year!

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