The Hunt for Internships!

As the summer and beach season begins, so does my hunt for securing a fall internship! Though I have a good two months’ time to make sure this happens, it’s not something to put off for sure. One advice for future internship seekers, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Organizations always advertise the glamorous sides of what they are about and if you really want to make the most of your experience as an intern and learn and/or gain valuable experience, you have to do your research on what will be expected of you and what the expectations of your work will be. It really helps to find out what past interns say about the organization and their responsibilities to find out if the internship you’re looking at will actually better any skills you are trying to work on. I’m really excited about spending the upcoming fall semester in DC—even though it’s my senior year, I don’t plan on falling short of any memorable adventures or experiences!

For the moment, I will be making up for my semester away from the college by spending some good ole quality time on campus doing some part-time research, with the most awesome Dr. Forsyth, until I start my summer Fellowship in Costa Rica! More posts to come for sure!

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