Recap of the DC semester

One of the best semesters yet. You’ve got to love the William & Mary experience and the picturesque campus, but being a W&M student in the city is definitely an experience. I highly recommend every student to check out the semester themes that the W&M in Washington program offers and to apply if anything seems to relate to their interests!

Here is the link for the upcoming semester themes. The theme for the fall was sustainability and it was an interesting opportunity to learn what opportunities and problems globalization and the excessive use of fossil fuels bring about in the world. In sum, we need to push for a greener society ASAP.

I could go on and on about the arguments and topics we had gone over throughout the semester, but to keep it short… coal & oil = BAD.  Along with amazing discussions, lectures, and guest speaker sessions that made the semester educationally invigorating, the opportunity to work with governmental or non-profit organizations, is and was so invaluable. Internships ranged from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Jane Goodall Institute. My personal experience working with Ashoka was spectacular. I was able to see how Ashoka implements change and was exposed to numerous learning opportunities that ranged anywhere from new innovations, to the rising need to focus on resilience of nutrition. Overall, it’s been a great experience to live and experience the city and history that DC has to offer.

W&M Washington Group

(Picture of the DC group with Professor Fowler outside the White House Executive Office before a tour and meeting with Heather Zichal the Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change)

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