Welcome to the Class of 2012!

Welcome Freshmen and Transfer Students! Go Tribe!

All of Williamsburg is buzzing with excitement for the arrival of W&M’s Class of 2012! New students arrive on campus Friday, August 24th, and the community could not be more excited to greet them.  Orientation begins immediately thereafter, so yellow shirts will be abounding around the College once again.

On Saturday, August 23rd, all new incoming students are invited to Colonial Williamsburg for an evening of exploration and fun, which will feature a welcome address from Patrick Henry, roving interpreters, and the traditional Fife and Drums escort back up DoG Street to Merchant’s Square. The evening is a wonderful introduction to all that Colonial Williamsburg has to offer, and serves as an invitation to take advantage of the opportunities our Good Neighbors offer.

As a student of the College, you are automatically a member of the Good Neighbor program and eligible to receive complimentary admittance to Colonial Williamsburg. Student only need to show a current student ID card to gain entrance to the Historic Area and receive discounts for admission tickets for family and friends.

Some of these offers include:

  • Free admission to all CW exhibition sites and museums
  • Free use of the CW bus service
  • Discounted tickets to evening programs
  • A discount on up to 20 general admission tickets per year
  • Seasonal shopping opportunities
  • And much, much more!

Visit the student section of the Good Neighbor website at: www.colonialwilliamsburg.com/goodneighbor

Good luck with move-in, and we hope to see you soon!


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