In W&M’s Backyard: Excitement along DoG Street

One of William and Mary’s greatest resources is right in its backyard: Colonial Williamsburg!

CW is at its finest this time of year, and when I was walking home along Duke of Gloucester Street the other day, I saw firsthand some of the preparations Colonial Williamsburg is making for the holiday season.

Colonial Williamsburg

Massive piles of firewood have started appearing outside the shops along DoG street. The taverns and drink stands have started selling hot cider. At night, fiery braziers light the way for scores of tour groups slowly making their way from building to building. The Colonial Nursery is also a great place to visit to watch the changing seasons. It is located right across from Bruton Parish Church and has a lot of different species of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Colonial Williamsburg

Soon enough wreaths and greenery will start showing up in the nursery as well as on doorways all over Colonial Williamsburg. Joy and I have already started planning our Christmas decorations and plan on entering the amateur wreath-making contest!

The CW House has been busy celebrating the season as well! We hosted a free ghost tour before Halloween and offered hot cider and hot chocolate to help keep everyone toasty warm. We’re planning on offering a “De-Stress in CW” program (W&M midterms/exams are in full swing), and we are also planning on celebrating the opening of the Charleton Coffeehouse! November 20th is the official opening day. View the links below to see more information:

Coffeehouse Information

Coffeehouse Media and Videos!

So stay posted to our blog, sign up for out listserve (, or email us at [[cwhouse]] to keep updated on all of our events!!

– Katherine Goulde

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