Excited for next semester? I sure am.

It’s that time of the semester again. Class registration. Exciting for some and the cause of major dread for others, registration for the Spring Semester 2010 happened this morning, and I was very pleased with the results.

Perusing over my brand-spankin’ new schedule, I realized what awesome classes I’m going to be taking next semester. Maybe when I list them, you’ll understand what I mean:

– International Security

– International Trade Theory

– International Relations Disciplinary Perspective

– Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean

– Jazz Piano

This list may not be your style, but as one of William & Mary’s 5,000 International Relations majors (only a slight exaggeration), I am giddy with the prospect of taking these classes. Many students at the College choose to double major or select a major and a minor combination, and I understand why. Not only do most students find time in their schedules to do it, but most people just have a thirst for learning that would be stifled with a prohibitive curriculum. That’s what allows William & Mary students to receive a true liberal arts education. We are given the freedom to take whatever classes we would like, and the knowledge we gain allows us to revel in new and exciting opportunities.

… and I’ve wanted to take jazz piano ever since I was a kid. And hey, it fulfills the creative general education requirement too! Who says dreams don’t come true?

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