Fall Semester Complete!

The fall semester of my freshman year is over! So, what you probably want to ask me now is, how was it? There is one word to describe it: busy! When I went on my tour of William & Mary last year, my tour guide continued to say that all of the students on campus are involved in so many different clubs and activities, but it went in one ear and out the other. However, now that I am one of the students, I can definitely say that is true! From joining a sorority to taking multiple classes, I have found that I have so much to do, and it is wonderful.

If you ask a single person on campus if they are busy, the answer will automatically be yes, especially during finals season. As I just finished finals, I can tell you that you are definitely going to be busy. It’s not going to be with only studying though. With the snow this year, I went out and played in the snow for a few hours. Other students were having snowball fights on the Sunken Garden, and everyone was just enjoying this break from studying to play and be like little kids all over again. Even if it doesn’t snow, there is always a way to take a break from studying. It can be petting the (adorable!) bunnies in Swem Library or grabbing a meal with friends in Colonial Williamsburg.

Outside of finals, some of what kept me busy throughout the semester obviously was classes. However, the homework was homework I actually wanted to do. William & Mary has many students who are passionate about the classes they take and will talk about them for hours. I took so many wonderful classes this semester that I could fill a blog post only about my classes, but I won’t bore you with that! While homework can sometimes feel like a pain, at William & Mary, the homework is furthering your knowledge of a topic you are hopefully interested in which is so much fun.

Finally, what kept me busy as well, was the clubs and activities around campus. I joined a sorority this semester and have loved getting to know my forever sisters. Being from Atlanta, Georgia, fraternity and sorority life is very popular in the Deep South, and because of that, I never saw myself joining one. However, upon starting at William & Mary, I discovered all of these wonderful women who I found out were in sororities. This influenced me to join one, and I can definitely say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. As well, I am involved in the Harry Potter club on campus which is a lot of nerdy fun as well as the American Sign Language club which allows me to further my learning in ASL.

So, if you are considering or know someone considering applying to the university, I would tell you that your life is going to be busy! From classes to activities to just life in general, you are going to be busy. If this sounds like something you would want, definitely consider applying to William & Mary! I have fallen in love with the university and want you to experience that too!

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