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W&M Sustainability
  • We are the students, faculty and staff that help catalyze the W&M community to apply a paradigm of sustainability to anything and everything they do!

About W&M Sustainability

W&M Sustainability empowers the campus community to make wise and meaningful decisions toward a flourishing world by thinking long term and inclusively. We connect areas and disciplines around commonalities to the benefit of the environment, society and economy through the teaching, learning and research of students, faculty and staff. Through guiding the university direction of sustainability, we improve both its internal strength as a higher education institution and external weight toward a more sustainable world.

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Posts by W&M Sustainability

A Sustainable Spin on VIMS Marine Science Day

By Anna Mehlhorn ’22 When I was a preschooler, I remember getting a fresh box of crayons and deciding to design my own set

Saying goodbye to Office of Sustainability!

By Madeline Bertagnolli ’22 I am a graduating Senior majoring in business analytics supply chain and environmental policy. I have had the pleasure of

Officiating Studies in Coastal Resiliency at William & Mary

By Maryam Jama ’22 During the Spring 2022 semester, I was a Sustainability Ambassador for the Office of Sustainability. I worked with a team

Discovering the Connection Between Marine Science, Climate Change and Science Communication

By Trinity Bea ’22 and Lindsey Smith ’23 Hello! Our names are Trinity Bea and Lindsey Smith. Trinity is a senior, majoring in neuroscience,

William & Mary and UVA Host Joint Climate Action Talk

On Tuesday, April 12th, student representatives from William & Mary and the University of Virginia met virtually to host a Climate Action Talk. The

William & Mary Hosts Climate Teach-in

On Wednesday, March 30th, students and speakers gathered into three rooms in the ISC to discuss issues of climate and justice as part of

Executive Order 77: Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

By Justin Maynard ’23 Last semester I was a Sustainability Ambassador with the Office of Sustainability. After completing a project as a Sustainability Ambassador

Bin Liners: An Opportunity to Drastically Reduce Single-Use Plastic

Margaret O’Connor ’23 The typical American tosses 110 pounds of single-use plastic every year. With approximately 10,000 students, faculty, and staff, the William &

Trash Transformation: Eliminating Bin Liners & Centralizing Waste Collection

By Zach Roberts ’22 It is no secret that plastic waste, especially single-use plastics, is causing a huge amount of damage to the environment,