Sarah Nicholas

Sarah Nicholas
  • Class of 2015
  • Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Major(s): Business
  • Archived Blogger

About Sarah Nicholas

Sarah is originally from Virginia Beach, VA and she graduated from the Governor’s School for the Arts, a music intensive program for high school students.

On campus, she was the Director of Reveille A Cappella and the Vice President of Academic Excellence for her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She spent the Spring '13 semester in Washington, DC, as part of the W&M in DC program, where she interned at the Kennedy Center. She was a Monroe Scholar and her senior Monroe project was on pitch precision and accuracy.

Posts by Sarah Nicholas

Summer Camp for Grown-Ups

Allow me to apologize for my radio silence; since my last entry, I have wrapped up my junior year at the College and have

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I was linked to this article through Facebook, through mutual friends of mutual friends – there’s always less than seven degrees of separation between

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I just finished my first semester at the Mason School of Business in the core curriculum classes lovingly referred to as the “block”. It

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I had the pleasure of being at an intimate dinner party with Bob Simon, an extraordinary man of whom, quite frankly, I had never

Summer in Vienna – no, not in Austria… in Virginia!

I’m not one to usually brag, but I think it’s fair enough to say I have the best summer internship of everyone I know


This week, I sat in on and conducted interviews for the first time. One common trend: dead silences. I was shocked at the number

District of [Columbia] Cupcakes!

I set a goal for myself this semester: to eat at as many of the local cupcake shops as possible. Each neighborhood is home

Campus Culture Shock

I’ve made two weekend mini-pilgrimages back to campus since I arrived in Washington DC, the first for a cappella auditions and the second to

Lessons well learned

It’s hard to believe that a third of the semester has flown by. After endless metro rides, museum detours, and fascinating classes, the transition