Harsha Malapati

Harsha Malapati
  • Class of 2018
  • Hometown: McLean, VA
  • Major(s): Biology
  • Archived Blogger

About Harsha Malapati

My name is Harsha Malapati and I was a student at William & Mary. You probably already know that from the large bolded words at the top of the webpage, but I wanted to make sure everyone reading this is on the same page.

Other than making awkward introductions with the intention of being funny, I enjoy going to the gym, participating in racquetball tournaments, and playing Madden. Academically speaking, I was part of a research lab which studied axon degeneration in zebra finches (not a cross between a zebra and a finch), and I discovered a phage and named it "harshDADDY."

I do some other stuff too which you can read more about somewhere below. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe… wait, nevermind.

Posts by Harsha Malapati

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