Steph Kumah

Steph Kumah
  • Class of 2012
  • Hometown: Fairfax, VA
  • Major(s): French & Government
  • Archived Blogger

About Steph Kumah

Campus Activities

African Culture Society and Buddy Baseball

Favorite Spot

My favorite spot on campus is the lower path that runs through the main woods. It’s a great place to take walks and clear my head when need be. I love taking walks on this path in the spring when everything is in bloom. The tree branches form a sort of archway that leads through the path, and the path becomes one of the most beautiful spots on campus (and also one of its best kept secrets).

Posts by Steph Kumah

Leadership Lessons in Washington D.C.

As summer draws to an end, I think it’s worth posting an update about what I have been up to. First, I “graduated”. Why

Study Abroad!

After experiencing Commencement, I’ve spent a lot of time reminiscing about W&M. One experience that I kept stumbling upon was studying abroad in Lyon,

Opening Convocation: A Retrospective View

Given the title of this post, you’ve probably already guessed that this post will be about Opening Convocation. I know, I know. Convocation happened

Interviewing 101

After interviewing prospective students, I’ve learned a lot about what makes an interviewer great.  However, instead of discussing what to do during the interview,

Driving Miss Kumah

Living in Williamsburg this summer has been great for my independence, especially having to work full-time at the Admission Office and actually cook for

Starting a Blog

I’m a perfectionist. Not the “what would you say is your weakness?” type of perfectionist where perfectionism becomes a strength, but the type of