Sarah Kinniburgh

Sarah Kinniburgh
  • Class of 2017
  • Hometown: McLean, VA
  • Major(s): Government and English
  • Archived Blogger

About Sarah Kinniburgh

Hi y'all! My name is Sarah Kinniburgh. I am from McLean, Virginia and I majored in English. Welcome to my corner of the Internet!

On campus, I was involved in Lambda Alliance for LGBTQIA+ Students, the Peer Advising program, a social sorority, and a job at one of W&M's campus coffee shops. In my final semester, I also joined the Library Ambassadors program to help connect campus with our libraries' amazing resources. In my free time, I liked to wander the stacks, listen to music, and read food/design blogs.

Posts by Sarah Kinniburgh

LinkedIn & Libraries

Hello world! It is hard (for me) to believe, but we are quickly approaching the halfway point of my last semester of undergrad! The

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Happy Halloween, everyone! This is my favorite holiday, so naturally, I celebrated by doing the spookiest thing I can think of: registering for my last semester

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Hello friends, Long time, no blog! A quick summary of what I’ve been up to since January: This past spring, I took a bunch of

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I won’t lie: I thought that I could get through junior and senior years without skipping a blog post. Obviously, no blogger—especially not a

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Hello world, and happy almost-Thanksgiving Break! Thankfully, it’s been a slower past two weeks than usual; time has gone more slowly and I’ve been

Step Up & Scale Back

Happy Belated Halloween! It’s officially November, which means we’re done with one of the busiest months at William & Mary that I can remember.

Yes, Please & No, Thank You

Hello world! I’m posted up in Crossroads, this precious Richmond coffee shop that has a jar of flowers on every mosaic table and funky

ABCs & 123s

The bad news: Halfway through midterms, I already know that this semester will be an upward academic battle. Also, Hurricane Joaquin is pretty spooky.

Caffeine & Commitment

Hey everyone! The last time I wrote, I shared a guest post from my friend Hannah. I was in the middle of research and