Sharon Eicher

Sharon Eicher
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics
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About Sharon Eicher

Sharon Eicher grew up in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. She also lived in Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, England and Kazakhstan. She joined William & Mary in the fall of 2016.

Before joining the faculty at William & Mary, Sharon taught for Kansas State University in Manhattan KS, St. John’s University in Avon MN, KIMEP in Kazakhstan, Bethel College in Newton KS and Friends University in Wichita KS. She has contributed to three books on the former USSR and on corruption.

Sharon teaches business and economics to traditional undergraduate students, non-traditional undergraduate students, and to graduate students in ground and online courses. Her recent research interest has been assessing prior learning in order to improve how economics are taught across learning populations. She maintains her other interests in foreign investment, corruption, governance and the economy, and promoting economic growth and quality of living.

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