Ryann Tanap '12

Ryann Tanap '12
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Major(s): International Relations / Minor: Middle Eastern Studies
  • Manager, Social Media & Digital Assets, NAMI; Arlington, VA

About Ryann Tanap '12

Campus Involvement: Filipino American Student Association, South Asian Student Association, Arabic Language House, Little Things at W&M, “I AM W&M” Week, Student Assembly Undersecretary for Mental Health & Safety, OCES regional & national alternative break trips, New Student Orientation, Alpha Phi Omega national service fraternity

Favorite Campus Offices to Visit: Center for Student Diversity, Office of Community Engagement & Scholarship (OCES), Professor Tamara Sonn (Religious Studies), Professor Francis Tanglao-Aguas (Theatre)

Favorite Spots: Swem Library during off-peak season (avoid during midterms & finals!), Ancient Campus Courtyard, Wren Building

Interests: photography, family road trips, spoken word poetry, Buddhism, Islam, cooking & baking (especially Filipino food/dessert), education as a tool for poverty alleviation, the arts as an alternative form of therapy

Posts by Ryann Tanap '12

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