Rachel Brown '15, M.Ed. '17

Rachel Brown '15, M.Ed. '17
  • Hometown: Danville, VA
  • Major(s): Psychology & English
  • Career Advising Fellow, Elon University; Elon, NC

About Rachel Brown '15, M.Ed. '17

I'm a William & Mary alumna who majored in psychology and English, and I liked the university so much that I decided to stick around for graduate school. I completed my master's degree in May 2017, and I'm currently a Career Advising Fellow at Elon University.

I enjoy telling stories through blogs, but I also find joy in listening to other people's stories and learning from them. If I'm not working, you'll most likely find me reading a good book with a cup of coffee in hand. I hope you enjoy learning about William & Mary through my eyes.

Posts by Rachel Brown '15, M.Ed. '17

Memorable Moments

I can’t give you any specifics about the first time I visited William & Mary. I can’t remember what buildings I saw or what

Return to the Burg

About four years ago, I was brushing my teeth in a very small Ludwell Apartment bathroom when my college roommate told me she liked

Reminders of William & Mary

This August, for the first time in a few years, I won’t be returning to William & Mary. My studies are complete, so I

Reading Between the Lines

I sat in the courtyard at the School of Education with my two best friends from graduate school on either side of me, the

I’ve Got Company

In about a week, I’ll be walking through the Wren Building one final time as a student. This time will be my second since

Long Live Yule Log

One of my favorite William & Mary traditions is Yule Log. To be frank, Yule Log was one of my favorite traditions before I

Don’t Cease from Exploration

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy learning about my journey at William & Mary, which is sure to be filled with tripping