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Gene Roche
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Gene Roche is Executive Professor of Higher Education at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, joining the faculty full-time with 30 years experience in college and university administration. He teaches courses in the EdD inquiry core, including data-driven decision-making and action research, and is working closely with other faculty in launching William & Mary’s college teaching certificate. He also teaches courses in technology planning for administrators, adult learning and emerging technologies in education.

As faculty director for the School of Education’s Technology Integration Center, he works closely with a team of instructional technology specialists, engineers and graduate assistants to conduct research within the School of Education and across the College on innovative teaching and learning strategies and methods. His personal research interests include practice-based learning in the professions, the use of technology to enhance personal productivity, and the use of technology-enhanced learning by older adults.

Gene completed his AB degree at Hamilton College and his MS and EdD degrees at Syracuse University--all in the snow belt of upstate New York. Before coming to William & Mary, he was the Director of Career Services at Hamilton College and taught in graduate programs in Adult Education at Syracuse University and Elmira College.

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