Morgan Logsdon

Morgan Logsdon
  • Class of 2022
  • Hometown: Bandirma, Turkey
  • Major(s): Physics / Minor: Data Science
  • Archived Blogger

About Morgan Logsdon

Hi! I’m Morgan, and I pursued a degree in physics. While physics (well, learning in general!) is my passion, I believe in the importance of effective science communication— bringing really cool science to nerds everywhere, regardless of their formal education in science.

I was very involved in a local church and a Christian Ministry called RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), but most days you would see me wandering around campus holding a cup of coffee and looking a little lost.

Posts by Morgan Logsdon

What (and Who) College Has Helped Me Become

Sometimes I miss high school Morgan. She didn’t have to “become” something—she could just be. And what she did was “be” curious. She asked

What does “I chose W&M for the community” really mean?

My high school physics teacher, Mr. Fetsko (who remains a close friend and one of my biggest supporters to this day), was my introduction

Student Research on Previously Undiscovered Cloning Processes: Interview with Erin-Darby McClain

Student researcher: Erin-Darby McClain Lab professor: Dr. Jon Allen Department/topic: Biology/Marine ecology Participant as of: September 2019 Fun fact from research: “Mantis shrimp are