Kristen Pantazes

Kristen Pantazes
  • Class of 2010
  • Hometown: Landenberg, PA
  • Archived Blogger

About Kristen Pantazes

Name: Kristen Pantazes, but I was much more commonly called either KP or Pants (or any variation thereof, including Pantalones and KPants) on campus. Evidently my last name was a lot more difficult to pronounce than I thought it was! As well, feel free to refer to me as such when you are talking about how amazing my blogs are, because I know you’re going to want to do that…right?

Hometown: Landenberg, PA (yay out of state students!)

Majors: Sociology and Government

Campus Activities: Aside from rock star summer Admissions Intern, I was also involved in the Undergraduate Honor Council, Common Ground A Cappella, a social sorority, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, International Justice Mission, Steer Clear Safe Ride Service, and I was also a Monroe Scholar and a campus Tour Guide, aka sleep was sometimes on the back burner (much to my mother’s chagrin!).

Interests: William and Mary (obviously!), baking, crafting, rancing (I explain this later), hanging out with friends, ghost hunting, watching crummy tv shows (hello, NYC Prep and Miami Social), meeting new people, cider walks, good hugs, skiing, Fridays @ 5, the Wren Building, stationary, spontaneity, and otherwise living it up and enjoying life!

Favorite Foods: Grasshopper pie (minty chocolaty goodness), corn ice cream (so good, don’t doubt me on this!), edamame (Bailey, one of the other interns and my roommate at the moment, made fun of me for this all the time), lettuce (thank you study abroad in India where I couldn’t eat raw vegetables for 5 weeks), baklava, puppy chow/white trash/muddy buddies (depends on what you call it, but always scrumptious!), assorted organic cereals, Wawa late night foods and pretty much anything my darling mother cooks ever.

Music Obsession: “Pumpkin Seeds” by Devendra Banhart and “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire…ok, and maybe Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” too!

Favorite W&M Tradition: Opening Convocation, because it’s pretty much the best (along with loudest and most enthusiastic!) welcome into the Tribe community that you could possibly have!

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