Karthik Ilakkuvan

Karthik Ilakkuvan
  • Class of 2013
  • Hometown: Glen Allen, VA
  • Major(s): Marketing / Minor: Economics
  • Archived Blogger

About Karthik Ilakkuvan

Campus Activities: International Relations Club, Alma Mater Productions, Intramural Sports Aficionado

Coming into William & Mary as a wee-little, rather immature freshman, I didn’t know if this was the place for me. As with most things in my life before I turned 18, I was very wrong. I quickly fell in love with the College, from long walks down DoG (Duke of Gloucester) Street, late night chats with freshman hall mates in the second floor lounge of Monroe, and movie nights in a variety of academic buildings. The opportunities the College provided me and the people I met here – there’s nothing like it, and it all started with Monroe Hall, my first home at W&M. Tribe Pride.

Posts by Karthik Ilakkuvan

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Today has been a good day. This week has been a good week. This month has been a good month. This semester has been

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Did you know Tug of War used to be an official Olympic sport? Or Chuck Lorre, the guy who created Two and a Half

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Working with the Admission Office has been such a phenomenal experience—hearing the stories of those who will continue the Tribe legacy, spending quality time

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Good morning from the Admissions Office! It is 9:43 as I begin this post, so it’s approximately four hours before I’d prefer to be

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To quote the newest DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie for those of you older than the age of 24 reading this), “this is more