Kris Lim

Kris Lim
  • Class of 2011
  • Hometown: Yorktown, VA
  • Major(s): English & Music
  • Archived Blogger

About Kris Lim

Life In Short – Insights of a Tall Campus from a Short Girl

[name]: My full name is Kristen, but I go by Kris, because it’s short and easy to remember (just like me!)

[nicknames]: Kris, Iron Age Kris, K-10, Lil’ Lim, Lil’ Kim, and “that really short Asian girl on campus”

[height]: 4’10”. I told you, I’m short.

[year]: 2011

[major]: English and Music double major

[what I do on campus]: Mosaic House Chair, Lambda Alliance, Phi Mu Sorority, International Performing Arts Exchange, Skiffy: the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Club, and Chess club

[where I'm from]: 30 minutes away: Yorktown, VA

[favorite statue on campus]: The sitting Thomas Jefferson in CW. Very personable, that TJ.

[favorite study nook on campus]: The basement of Swem. It’s pretty, quiet, and you can take study breaks to watch DVDs in the video library.

[musical instruments]: Piano, Alto Sax, Chinese Flute, Tin Whistle, Percussion, Voice, Hulusi, Bamboo Saxophone, Baroque recorder

[likes]: Really good head phones. Nerdy rap music. Obscure scifi movies. Subtle Shakespearean references. Black leather boots. Red leather coats. The word “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.” Equal Rights. Whipped Cream. Egg crate mattress pads. Pinstripes. Creatively colored French manicures. Alan Rickman movies. The Oxford Comma. High heels.

[dislikes]: Tough steaks. Bad hair days. Hangnails. Improperly filed library books. Nicholas Cage movies. Narrow-minded people. Improper Grammar. Static. Stockings that refuse to stay up. Down pillows. The word “spinster.” Clothes that require ironing. Gum that loses its flavor too quickly.

[to summarize]: I was a local girl with Tribe Pride who thought there were some things about college that most people don’t hear about until it’s too late. And I was going to remedy that. Just read the blog!

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