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Kelley Quinn
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About Kelley Quinn

My name is Kelley and I worked in the Office of Undergraduate Admission the summer before my senior year. I kept a “blog” (quotation marks are the operative punctuation here, because I never really understood what exactly blogging meant) while I was here!

Activities on Campus: Orientation Area Director, 7th Grade Sketch Comedy, club field hockey team, Undergraduate Honor Council member, The Collective (a hodge-podge performance group), tutoring in a local school, employee at the Writing Resources Center, Steer Clear driver

Note: The moment of exuberance was photographed by Rosh Patel, an ’08 grad, in front of Sun Sonata, a work of art by Gene Davis that composes one wall of the College’s very own Muscarelle Museum of Art. (Tubes of dyed water lit by fluorescent lights by night … solar energy collection system by day!)

Posts by Kelley Quinn

Evening Serenade

Last week, I was sitting on the back steps of Tucker waiting for a ride to dinner with a friend, and enjoying the lull

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

'COLLEGE, NO PARENTS!' 45 upperclassmen must have cheered this at me during Opening Convocation, but it took a while for the concept of no parental supervision to

A Validating Chance Encounter

Every notable tragic hero has a tragic flaw.  Achilles had that problematic heel.  Mine is a deathly love of maraschino cherries, and though I consider

‘I Just Have a Lot of Feelings’

It's three in the afternoon on the last day of work--the calm before the storm. The last day has been surprisingly tame (excepting the 3-minute group

Above and Beyond

Just last week, I finished my last paper of junior year. 'How is this possible?' you might wonder. 'You are less than three weeks away

Choose Your Own Adventure

When I'm asked what I love about W&M, a thousand disconnected moments and experiences rush into my head. It's impossible to translate this influx of emotion

A Wrinkle in Time

Colonial people are people too. I learned that the hard way one evening as I walked down Richmond Road in an ankle-length pink gown, my breathing


Posted: 04 Jun 2008 I have a problem with nostalgia, and am struck by attacks of nostalgia more frequently than most. My only thought for the day

Serv-ice, ice, baby

Before I say anything else, I'll just get it out of the way and address the white elephant in the room--you're welcome for the Vanilla Ice