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Ed Irish
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Ed Irish served as the Director of Financial Aid from 1987 to 2016. He had previously worked at Kent State, Ohio Wesleyan, and Georgia Southern. Ed holds a B.A. from the University of Southern Maine and an M.P.A. from Kent State.

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Who needs analysis?

I talked recently with a parent, who, quite understandably, did not comprehend the murky world of determining how the federal government (and the aid

A Focus on Federal Aid

As the new year begins, looking a bit at the federal financial aid scene may be helpful. As always, the primary concern in Washington

The Loan Repayment Game

Among the many complex paths of financial aid procedures, perhaps no other rivals the multitude of repayment options for student loans.  New federal legislation

Verification beware!

If you are a college feeding in the federal financial aid trough, you have to eat what you are given. Unfortunately, we are stuck

Should I borrow for my education?

I’m sure you have seen the pervasive media coverage of increasing student loan debt. At the College, we are not immune to that problem

NPC and a grain of salt

Colleges across the country are racing this month to be in compliance with a federal requirement that all schools have a Net Price Calculator

How am I going to pay for it?

Good news!  You've gotten the proverbial thick envelope from your top school.  Time to send the deposit and start packing...but...wait...how am I going to pay for it? By now,

What are we building in the Financial Aid Office?

Well, this will probably be the only Financial Aid blog which ties together my occupation and the work of singer-songwriter Tom Waits, whose intriguing song  'What's He Building in There?"

Thinking of withdrawing?

One of the murky corners of financial aid deals with withdrawals during the semester.  Nobody plans on this happening, but it can be a financial headache. You