Erin Battle

Erin Battle
  • Class of 2013
  • Hometown: Springfield, VA
  • Major(s): Psychology & Linguistics
  • Archived Blogger

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Campus Activities: Club Volleyball Captain, Freshman Orientation Aide, Alma Mater Productions

I chose the Wren Yard as my favorite spot on campus because one of my favorite traditions on campus was Convocation. It’s the first time that all of the new students at the College are introduced to everyone else and seeing the excitement on all of their faces never got old. During Orientation, we got a chance to form a bond with some of the new students, so when they came through the doors of the Wren Building into the Wren Yard, I got even more thrilled about the beginning of their journeys at William & Mary.

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In all of my tours and interviews, I always get the question “what would you recommend most to high school seniors and in-coming freshmen?”

ðə stʊdi ʌv leŋwɪd͡ʒ

So … as you may have noticed, I’m a Linguistics major aaand I’m sure you immediately asked yourself: what exactly IS Linguistics? Even my

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The admissions office is beyond quiet these days. We’re in the weird time where high-schoolers aren’t yet out of school and visiting and not