Brynn Koeppen

Brynn Koeppen
  • Class of 2011
  • Hometown: McLean, VA
  • Major(s): International Relations
  • Archived Blogger

About Brynn Koeppen

Hello! My name is Brynn, I blogged about my discoveries and adventures in Beijing, China. I studied Chinese for two years and traveled abroad for the first time.

While studying at William and Mary I was involved in our club sailing team, campus kitchens, and wrote for The Flat Hat. I also interned with our Admission Office as well as worked with Residence Life.

I loved being a part of campus life at W&M, but I was thrilled to be going to China!

Posts by Brynn Koeppen

Learning To Appreciate What You Have

Today was a weekend of firsts. It was my first time traveling outside of Beijing. It was my first time missing class this semester.

Representing William And Mary Halfway Around The World

I am not thrilled about public speaking. Standing in front of people who are taking time out of their day to listen and hopefully

4:15 am Wake Up Call

This morning I did the unimaginable; I woke up before noon on a Sunday. My friend and I decided over hot chocolate late Saturday

Temple Tally

Number of Weeks In China: 5 Number of Temples Visited: 5 I have not yet reached visiting Buddhist Temples quota (寺庙); I am not

The Best, Most Useless Chinese Phrases You Will Never Forget

I took Chinese for two years at William and Mary before studying abroad this fall at Peking University. With that said, I would like

The Beijing “Bird’s Nest”

Part of my four-day Peking University orientation was becoming acquainted with the subway system and city of Beijing. So on Saturday our teachers took

Ni Hao Beijing!

I arrived safe and sound in Beijing, China and have completed my first two weeks of class at Peking University! As a Chinese Immersion