Blair Saunders

Blair Saunders
  • Class of 2011
  • Hometown: McLean, VA
  • Major(s): History
  • Archived Blogger

About Blair Saunders

Campus Activities
Club Lacrosse, Inter-Sorority Council, Study Abroad semester in Florence, Italy

Favorite Spot
Located right in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg (CW) on Duke of Gloucester Street (aka DoG Street), just outside the outer-perimeter of campus is The Cheese Shop – an integral part of the William & Mary culture. I’ll bet you five dollars that if you stop any single student on campus and ask them what their favorite Cheese Shop sandwich is, they’ll be able to tell you in under five seconds (mine is Turkey with Cheddar and House Dressing on Focaccia!). Eating there is always an adventure – whether I was with my Grandparents sitting outside and it spontaneously started snowing (true story) or whether I ran into friends from campus and we decided to sit together and take in the beautiful CW scenery while “housing” our sandwiches.

Posts by Blair Saunders

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B.L.O.G. Big. Lengthy. Online. (G)ournal. Big. Load. of. Gook. Very. Daunting. and. Scary. Blair. is. Afraid. of. Blogging. I am very tentative and extremely nervous