Adam Labriny

Adam Labriny
  • Class of 2013
  • Hometown: Alexandria, VA
  • Major(s): Marketing & East Asian Studies
  • Archived Blogger

About Adam Labriny

Campus Activities: Barista at The Daily Grind, Marketing and Communications Intern for Undergraduate Admission, Saxophone Player in Swampblossom, Member of OWJ

The College kept me pretty busy. Between working at the campus coffee shop, The Daily Grind, playing gigs around town, and balancing school work with my social life, I was always doing something– and I’d have had it no other way. With so many awesome opportunities around campus, I couldn’t settle with picking just one or two.

Posts by Adam Labriny

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As Spring Break comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about what an intense (yet immensely satisfying) month February turned out to be.  Between

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Just to be clear, this post is about The Daily Grind (aka The Grind), the best coffee shop on campus, so if you were

A Very Swampy Break

For most William & Mary students, winter break means going home for some quality R&R with the folks.  For me, however, breaks mean hours

A (Busy) Day in the Life

I’ve learned many great things here at the College, like how to run an international video conference in Japanese, or how to convince a