Why W&M by Elisabeth

My first visit to William & Mary was on a cold, rainy Saturday during my junior year Spring Break. The Sadler Center was packed with prospective students and our tour group dodged umbrellas and puddles as we navigated Old Campus. I already knew about the College’s history and commitment to academics, but I was taken aback by the beautiful campus, even on such a dreary day. We ducked into Blair Hall (which has since become my favorite academic building) to escape the rain, and I told my parents that they’d better buy me some rain boots, because I might never leave William & Mary.

I ended up applying Early Decision to William & Mary, throwing all the “after high school” advice my guidance counselor had given me out the window and focusing on my dream school. In fact, I didn’t go on another college tour until two years later, when my little sister began her search! Luckily, the gamble paid off. I received an acceptance email on my eighteenth birthday (best birthday present ever?), packed up my rainboots, and joined the Tribe in the fall of 2011.

Since then, I’ve only fallen deeper in love with the College. I love the beautiful campus that has become my home away from home and the community that has become my second family. And call me crazy, but I really like being located so close to Colonial Williamsburg. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea – or rather, mug of cider – but I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else!

– Elisabeth Bloxam

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