The Waiting Game

As cheesy as it sounds, 2013 for me was The Year of William & Mary. No, really. My Facebook album from the summer is actually called “That Summer I Spent Waiting to Get to William & Mary”. This time last year, I was starting the second semester of my freshman year at a four-year college in South Carolina. More importantly, I was in the middle of the transfer application process [as I’m sure many of you currently are as well, you go transfers!]

For me, the first half of 2013 was a waiting game. Wait for midterm grades for the Common App Mid Term Report, wait for the March 1st deadline, and most of all, the wait for admission decisions. When I finally got the news of my acceptance in late April [Stay tuned for the full story in a later blog. It contains lots of crying and Harry Potter.] the waiting game changed. Now, it was no longer a hoping kind of wait, but a solidified desperate longing type of wait that was stretching out over the longest summer of my life. But working at a summer camp with 7-10 year olds didn’t give me much time to stay idle, and before I knew it, it was Move-in Day.My parents could barely keep me from bouncing out of the car on the early morning drive to my future home, Jamestown North dormitory. Orientation was a whirlwind of meeting new friends and rediscovering the place that I’d fallen in love with over and over with every visit.

By the time 2013 ended, I was no longer waiting and wishing for W&M, I was here. It was my home. And the Tribe was my new family that had welcomed me with open arms. I hope to get to welcome all of you out there in the fall of 2014 with the same openhearted embrace that I received. I know playing the waiting game is no fun, but trust me, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

– Audrey Savage

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