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Exeter is probably one of the most beautiful parts of England with weather much nicer than London’s. The Quay, which is the river that runs through the city, has nice shops and cafes to enjoy. It is a twenty minute walk from the campus and makes a wonderful day trip. The Exeter cathedral near the city centre is also a must-see. You can walk or take the bus from campus which costs about 1.60 pound round trip or 90 pence for a single ride. Dartmoor is a nice area in Devon. Its ponies and lush rolling hills are amazing attractions on a sunny day. In order to get to Dartmoor, you would take a coach bus which is not too expensive. Powderham Castle in Devon is also a cool place to tour for about 9 pounds. The castle has a lot of rich history and even a haunted story or two.

Sometimes, you want to go a little farther than the confines of Devon. The city of Bath is two hours away from Exeter. To get there, you can take the train or take a coach. The INTO group offers a cheap Bath trip for students and it is probably your cheapest way to get to this beautiful city. The famous Roman baths, Royal Crescent, and Jane Austen museum are found here.

In the beginning of the semester, the International Office offered a Cruise of the Exmouth coast which was a nice scenic introduction to southern England and a great bonding experience for the international students. London is four hours by bus and two hours by train. This city is nice because you can sightsee by day and party by night. However, make sure you keep tabs on your belongings because if you leave them lying around carelessly, they will get stolen. Put your money in your jean pockets, try not to carry a purse in pubs and clubs, and check your coat into the cloakroom.

Make sure you use all your resources while abroad. View the weekly international pamphlet sent to your Exeter email and keep your eyes peeled for day trips hosted by the International society and INTO. Stay tuned for more Exeter news because if you plan to study here—which you should!!—it is nice to know some things beforehand!

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