Tribe Cheer: Work Hard, Play Hard

Hands down one of the most unified, spirited forces at William & Mary, are the most genuine, passionate athletes who stop at nothing to support both Tribe Football, and Tribe Basketball. I enjoyed my time managing for the Tribe Cheerleading team, and would not have asked for any other way to get introduced to the sports scene of campus life at William & Mary. It’s time for me to finally debunk the myth that people assume cheerleaders are not athletes. The Tribe Cheer ladies (& 2 guys) don’t throw balls in the air, this team throws people in the air.

It all started with an Instagram DM in early 2016 when I knew I would be attending William & Mary, I reached out to the Tribe Cheer coaches who warmly welcomed me to the family, and invited me to a basketball game to meet the team. Just like the people you find around campus, these cheerleaders were passionate, genuine, and very welcoming. I saw them again in April to try out for the team, and gladly accepted a position to manage. I was very excited to get involved with Tribe Pride at its core, and absolutely loved helping at games to make the experience for the audience the best it could possibly be.

After first semester, I had formed great relationships with both the coaching staff, the cheerleaders, and some of their parents who frequently attended games. Now, the day to tryout is approaching and I recommend any Class of 2021 student, or any current student with or without cheerleading experience to consider this opportunity!

Please contact Coach Ashley Ferguson at if you plan on trying out at the end of April! She will provide the necessary forms and information on medical clearances.

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