Likely Communication

Likely Communication

Admit It!  You’re a tad freaked out because you’ve heard that W&M has sent likely communication to some applicants but your mailbox is woefully empty.  Okay, you’re a lot freaked out but you’re keeping your composure in hopes that no one notices.  Well, in the spirit of total transparency, and given the buzz that’s appeared about W&M’s likely communication on various social media outlets, we figured why not write a blog about it and get all of the necessary information out there for all to see.

W&M does send likely communication to a small portion of the students we admit.  It’s not a stale letter or an impersonal email; that’s simply not our style.  We send a postcard instead.  It features the W&M cypher on the front (see below) and a cleverly-worded message (or at least we like to think so) on the back.  At the bottom, is a personal note from the applicant’s regional dean who was one of the readers on that student’s file.  Why a hand-written note you ask?  Well, we’re just a hand-written note kind of a place.  The postcards are sent on a rolling basis throughout February.


Front of Likely Postcard

To those who receive the postcard, congratulations!  Your application was exceptional and we wanted to tell you that as soon as we could.  We look forward to sending you more good things in April.  For those who do not receive the postcard, DO NOT PANIC.  Let me repeat that one more time for good measure, DO NOT PANIC.  The absence of a likely postcard does not correlate to any particular decision.  We simply complete the review of some applications earlier than others, and those stand-out applicants that are reviewed earlier receive postcards (applications are read in a totally random order which means some get read in early January whereas others don’t get read until March).  Those that are read later on do not receive a postcard because their review is not completed in enough time to send a postcard.  Far more students will get admitted who do not receive a postcard than those that are admitted and do receive a postcard.

The good news is, postcard or no postcard, everyone will know their decision in about six weeks.  April is no longer months away but instead mere weeks away.  Everyone will have their answer soon enough.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ’09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission



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