Happy National Ampersand Day!

We Admit It! Here at William & Mary, we are multi-dimensional. You can be a pilot and the quarterback of the football team, we’ve done it. You can be an artist and a paleontologist, you will thrive here. You can be a Shakespearean scholar and an entrepreneur, our university President is one.

Since our very founding the spirit of the ampersand has been part of William & Mary. For us, it is more than just a symbol, it is who we are. We are curious & creative. We are storytellers & scientists. We are daring & dynamic. The truth is, there is no typical William & Mary person. Because we do not fit into a box. And truth be told, that is the way we like it.

W&M student Liz Linstrom '17 overlayed with #WhatsYourAnd and Policy & Pitch

Our students are multi-dimensional. Check out some of their stories.

So for us, celebration of National Ampersand Day is celebration of the diverse and multifaceted nature of our community. Check out some of our students’ stories. We even have postcards and an entire website dedicated to the ampersand. Also be sure to check out our other #NationalAmpersandDay posts on social media.

Happy Ampersand Day! What’s your “and?”

Jack Zhang
Assistant Dean of Admission

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