Goose bumps and kleenex…

A few colleagues and I just came from the orientation for new freshman and transfer students which takes place in William & Mary Hall each August on freshman move-in day. What fantastic energy. It is always incredibly moving for me to see students with their families on such a poignant day in their lives. The journey that lies ahead for them as they embark on learning who they are, who they want to be- how they want to impact the world. How could one not be moved at the thought of that precipice? The new-found freedom and responsibility- the opportunities that await…  I am a romantic, but you’re heart is made of stone if you don’t find the final steps in a student’s journey to college powerful and touching.

It’s also an exciting day for our admission office as it marks the formal transition of the Class of 2013 to the College. We’ve worked with these students from the beginning of their college search (with all its bumps, potholes and anxieties) and through the application, admission and decision making processes. We know all of them and were privileged to have a window into their personalities and accomplishments even before they knew that W&M would be their home. They are an incredibly impressive group and I can’t wait to see what they do now that they are here in the ‘Burg.

They’re a part of the Tribe, they belong and they now are in the very capable hands of W&M faculty, administrators, peers and community members. As I sat in Kaplan Arena, listening to the welcoming speakers I had more than my fair share of goose bumps. What an amazing group and an incredible place.

At the end of the orientation we sang the alma mater as a group. The goose bumps turned into a tear or two. Class of 2013- welcome to the College! We are proud to have you as members of the Tribe.

– Jennifer Scott

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