Decisions, Decisions

Admit It! Those of you who applied early decision are on the edge of your seats waiting for decisions to be released.  Well, the wait is almost over.  Decisions will be released on the evening of December 1 via email.  Emails will be sent to the email address supplied in the Common Application.  Please check all spam, junk, and forwarded folders.  The email notification will come from and the sender will be “on behalf of the College of William & Mary”.  There are three possible decisions: accept (Welcome to W&M, your college search is over), defer (your application will be considered again during regular decision and a second decision notification will be sent to you in April), and deny (a final decision for your freshman application).

To the first members of William & Mary’s Class of 2015 (the College’s 318th graduating class): congratulations and welcome to the Tribe!  We are excited about all of the intellect, talent, and personality you will bring to our community next August.  Take this time to congratulate yourself on being admitted to the nation’s best small public university and enjoy your senior year.  We will be in touch with you via mail and email throughout the rest of your senior year and we have created a special website just for you that you will learn more about soon.  There is only one William & Mary, and now it’s yours.
*Note: your offer of admission is contingent upon continuing to meet high standards of academic performance, personal conduct and completion of all work in progress.

To those applicants who were deferred: we understand that this is not the outcome you hoped for.  While your application will be reviewed again during regular decision in the context of the entire applicant pool, we encourage you to apply now to other institutions that interest you and to give those institutions serious consideration.  Should there be any new information between now and April (mid-year grades, new standardized testing, new awards or accomplishments, etc), please feel free to send those updates to us by mail, fax or email.  These new materials will be added to your application file and reviewed with your original application materials during regular decision.

For those applicants who are denied: we know that this news is disappointing.  Please know that this decision is not a reflection of any wrongdoing on your part but is merely a reflection of the incredible strength of our applicant pool.  Those students applying to William & Mary, yourself included, are incredibly accomplished, talented and high-achieving.  The College’s small size, which attracts many prospective students, also compels our admission committee to make many difficult decisions regarding which applicants to admit.  Unfortunately, we cannot admit all qualified students.  We know that there are many other wonderful collegiate opportunities out there for you and we wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed ’09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

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