Busy week with great people

So this week has been extremely busy here in the office.  We have interviews for some openings in our office, plus all of our normal duties with less staff.  While I feel like I have not gotten a lot done this week, today made it all worth it when I gave my information sessions.  The morning group was fantastic.  They were from all over- Virginia, Texas, California just to name a few and were very engaged with the presentation.  Carrie even said they were a great group on tour.  Understanding that they have probably been on many of these already (one did a whole west coast college tour and is now working the east coast-not something I recommend but thats another entry for later) it helps me be on my game when you start with an energetic “Good morning” and you get one right back.  While I realize that not all my jokes are funny and I admit some are even corny, but a chuckle or two helps my self-esteem and helps the session go along much quicker for you and I think much more enjoyable for the both of us.  This afternoon’s group was pretty small, which was great too because I started talking, and we had a great dialogue and before I knew it I had not covered half of my session.  I had to cram it in a short period of time, but they got all the information they needed.  When you have a great group of people like today in the midst of hectic busy times, it makes me enjoy what I do that much more.  Now, do not get me wrong, I am looking forward to the hiring of the new staff so they can take some of these sessions, but days like today make it easy to talk about William and Mary.

– Randy Tripp

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