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Last night, William and Mary students approved a school wide referendum to start the delivery of the New York Times, USA Today, and the local Daily Press on a daily basis. While this may seem trivial to most, do not be fooled. This is singlehandedly the most important thing to happen to William and Mary in years. Now I can wake up twenty minutes early, run downstairs, pick up the New York Times and chow down on a bowl of my favorite Special K Cereal with Red Berries while learning about important national and international news… all while saving $1.50 a day!

In all seriousness, this bill is part of a larger movement by the Student Assembly and other groups to bring things students really want on campus. Last night I was able to see MILK, the award winning film featuring Sean Penn, for free. Tonight and tomorrow, they are screening Slumdog Millionaire. Alma Mater Productions (AMP) is bringing American Idol winner David Cook Saturday night as well! So many things to do and see, how can I fit it all into my schedule!

Whether you wanted to read up on the latest headlines, see award winning movies, or hear from amazing singers, it happens daily at William and Mary. At the end of the day, it is comforting to know that students are choosing what comes to campus as it ensures that it is in touch with our tastes and preferences.

So when you get on campus, ask some of the students what is going on that evening.You can be sure that they will have a lot to talk about!… or they might be busy reading the New York Times…comics page of course!

-Alexandre Pouille

Class of 2011

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