Music at William and Mary

As Autumn finally begins to set in on the William and Mary Campus, I find myself eagerly awaiting cool Wednesday evenings, singing voices, and the Christopher Wren Building at night. In other words, “Wren 10” season is about ready to get underway. Allow me to explain further. William and Mary is home to one of the most diverse (and talented) collegiate a Cappella communities in the country, boasting 11 student-run groups in total (3 coed, 5 all-girls, 3 all-guys). Each Wednesday evening at 10pm, one a cappella group takes center stage at the Christopher Wren Building portico. Community-members, faculty, music-loving students huddle closely together – Autumn in Williamsburg can be chilly!- while one of William and Mary’s premier groups reveals its new repertoire. A few songs into the set, audience members may choose to purchase a cup of hot chocolate courtesy of Students Helping Honduras; of course, all proceeds will be going to help finance this organization’s spring service trip.

I’m especially excited for this Wednesday Evening. DoubleTake will be kicking things off in an exciting way. Certainly one of the college’s most entertaining groups, DoubleTake looks to enthuse its audience with a mix of zany style, unique choreography, and, of course, thrilling music. Students attending the concert should not be surprised to hear familiar tunes by the likes of Justin Timberlake or Lady GaGa. What is most exciting about this event? Perhaps, that this is only the first of ELEVEN such Wednesdays. This “Wren 10” season is sure to be a fun ride. As an aside, William and Mary is also hosting its first ever TRIBE IDOL (think American Idol) competition tomorrow night. Co-sponsored by a social sorority and a social fraternity, this event, I’m quite sure, will prove itself to be just one more outlet from which William and Mary students can show off their diverse talent. So, Tribe Idol tomorrow, “Wren 10” Wednesday night… only one question remains: What will I end up doing with my Thursday night?!

– Chris M. Class of 2010

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